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"My most memorable moment in school was in elementary school. I was not a fan of art class until one year we had a substitute teacher who took us outside to the recess area and handed us sidewalk chalk. She instructed us to start drawing. I remember asking her what we should draw, and she said to me, "Draw whatever is in your head, draw your dreams." I remember being in such awe of her taking us outside and telling us to use our imagination."

Doreen Berard

Director of Global Customer Service



"My most memorable moment in school was when I moved to the United States and enrolled in high school even though I had already graduated from a school in Hong Kong. I chose to repeat my senior year because although I could read and write English I could not yet speak it. The additional year in school allowed me the time to acquire the social and academic language I needed to be successful in college. Had I not advocated for myself at 16, my path to college would have incurred additional barriers."

Dr. Jenny Chan-Remka

Assistant Superintendant

Woonsocket School Department


Arzinia Gill


DelSesto Middle School

"My most memorable moment in school was when a teacher spent time getting to know the students in my classroom better. I was a quiet and shy student who sat in the corner. His one comment, “you are pretty smart and you need to come out of your shell,” gave me the courage to believe in myself when no one else did. My teacher's belief in me challenged me to push myself, to speak up and to work harder than ever before."


"My most memorable moment in school was my first day of Kindergarten. I couldn't understand why many of the children were crying. When I turned to ask my mother what was wrong, she had already left. I am the fourth of five children. Been there, done that."

Peter J. Hopkins

Attorney at Law


"My most memorable moment in school was as a student-athlete in high school on the cross country team. We had won the state championship two years in a row and were well positioned for the New England Championship but no one expected us to place. My senior year we placed second in New England in rainy, muddy conditions on a course that was extremely challenging, running up the side of a ski slope. With so many runners it was impossible to tell what place the team finished, we were all shocked to find out that we came in second overall! It showed me that the the hard work of individuals collectively has the power to surpass all expectations."

Sandra Forand

Assistant Superintendent

East Providence School Department


"My most memorable moment in school was when my fifth-grade teacher would read to us after lunch. It was especially enjoyable when she would change her voice to adapt to the characters in the book. To this day, whenever I see one of my students reading "Charlotte's Web" I am reminded of what a great literary experience I had with Miss Carvalho!"

Michele Bouchard

Special Education Teacher

North Smithfield School Department


Carolyn Frayne

Teacher Education Specialist

Johnson and Wales University


"My most memorable moment in school was a time when I felt peer pressure to not apply for an opportunity. My teacher pulled me aside after class and asked, "Why are you not applying for this?" I gained so much confidence in myself because my teacher noticed, she cared and believed in me. She gave me the confidence for the rest of my life to never let someone else dictate what risks I should or should not take in my life and career. Thanks, Ms. Willis!"

Kathryn Cantwell

Director Strategic Initiative

Newport Working Cities, Boys & Girls Clubs of Newport County


"My most memorable moment in school was my first year of college at CCRI. I had completed my first essay and was insecure about the quality of it. My professor pulled me aside the next day (I thought for sure to tell me how awful I did) and told me I was a 'smart cookie'. It was the first time ever I thought maybe that was true."

Jessica Waters


Sheila C Skip Nowell Leadership Academy


"My most memorable moment in school was returning to my racially and economically diverse North Carolina public school, the day after hearing my dad tell my mom a story of an African-American patient who nearly died at his hospital due to systemic racism and refusal of care. I was in first grade. My world looked different after that."

Mike Magee


Chiefs for Change

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