What's Coming Up at NEB

1. Teaching Partners/Substitute Teacher Training 

THUR 10/11 8:15 AM - 2:30 PM: Details & Registration HERE

"Teaching Partners play an important role in maintaining consistency for students when classroom teachers are absent.  This training, open to all WED's Teaching Partners and substitute teachers who support NE Basecamp's 2018-2019 Cohort schools, will provide an overview of Summit Learning as well as how to support a classroom that uses Summit in the absence of the classroom teacher."

*Please note, this training might make sense for Teacher Assistants who were unable to attend our September trainings, including the Mentors @ Whaling City.

2. Culture & Community Building in Your Classroom WED 10/24 8:15 AM - 2:30 PM: Details & Registration HERE

"Open to all of our 2018-19 cohort schools, this training is tailored for classroom teachers who are looking to improve the culture & community in their classroom.  We will dive into classroom routines and procedures, as well as incentives and consequence structures that have been shown to improve relationships between teachers and students, creating classrooms where learning can take center stage."

3. Supporting Summit as a Special Educator TUE 11/20 8:15 AM  -2:30 PM: Details & Registration HERE "Join us for NE Basecamp's November Special Programming: Supporting Summit as a Special Educator.  This training is designed for Special Educators who are interested in learning more about how to support their students who are utilizing Summit Learning.  We will look at what teachers can do in regards to both curriculum and instruction by examining best practices and learning from and with each other." 4. New Hire Summit Training led by NEB MON 10/22 & TUE 10/23 - or - THUR 11/8 & FRI 11/9: Details, Registration, and Additional Dates HERE "This training is for teachers at NE Basecamp's 2018-2019 schools who were unable to attend the week-long Summer training provided by Summit.  This two-day training by NE Basecamp is a condensed version that is intended to get you up to speed so that you can start utilizing Summit Learning in your classroom.  Special educators, ELteachers, and others who directly support classroom teachers are also encouraged to attend if they did not attend Summit's Summer training." 5. Learning Tours TUE 10/16: Featuring E-Cubed HS (in Providence), Woonsocket MS @ Villanova, and Bailey Elementary (in Providence).  Details, Registration, and Additional Dates HERE "Visit a few of NE Basecamp's cohort schools that are bravely transforming teaching and learning in their classrooms. Hear directly from students, educators, and leaders forging a reimagined learning experience. Opportunities include observing personalized learning in practice, self-directed learning behaviors and environments, Project Based Learning, and mentoring. Also, see how these schools utilize Summit Learning to personalize learning. Explore the many ways you too can get involved and/or bring these practices to your classroom, school, or district." * You may choose to send teachers/staff who will be implementing Summit in the future, community stakeholders who want to know more about Summit, or school/district leaders who might assist in expansion!


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