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A Full Circle Moment

Jaretta Konneh

Oct 31, 2023

From Student to Teacher: Shayna Fox-Norwitz's Rewarding Reunion with Giana Penta. A journey from Beacon Charter to Davies, celebrating growth, memories, and the joys of education.

As an educator, there is nothing more rewarding than witnessing the growth and development of your students, especially when they choose to become teachers themselves. NEB’s own Executive Director, Shayna Fox-Norwitz, experienced this full-circle moment when she had the opportunity to facilitate a professional learning session at Davies Career and Technical High School, where a former student, Giana Penta, had now become a chef instructor in the hospitality program. Their paths first crossed at Beacon Charter High School in Woonsocket, where Dr. Fox was the Literacy Specialist, and Giana was embarking on her culinary arts career, much like her own students are today. Shayna incorporated a delightful surprise - images of Giana wearing a chef's coat as a high school student, while Shayna herself sported lab goggles, creating a playful contrast. Reminiscing about those early days, Shayna admitted that retrieving those photos required a few calls and a search through old yearbooks, but the effort was unquestionably worth it. Reflecting on the experience, Shayna shared her sense of awe, standing before an audience and recognizing a familiar face in a remarkably different context. "I couldn't be prouder of her," Shayna affirmed. After the session, the two chatted, catching up on the events of the past decade.

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