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A Recap of the NEB and TFA- RI Learning Tour

Jaretta Konneh

Apr 2, 2024

On November 15, 2023, TFA-Rhode Island and New England Basecamp partnered up for a Learning Tour that took educators on a journey through the heart of innovation in teaching. We started our day at North Providence High School, diving into discussions with the Math Department Chair and the Director of Pathways about their forward-thinking curriculum.

The tour then moved to PVD Prep, where the school’s founder, Tobey Sherpard, gave us a peek into their educational philosophy. Observing classes in action, the participants saw educational theories applied in real-time.

We wrapped up at PCTA, enjoying a meal prepared by student chefs that was as much a lesson in culinary skill as it was in the integration of practical skills in education. The day ended with a hands-on math lesson and a brisk walkthrough of different classrooms.

Feedback collected at the end of the day was clear: everyone felt the Learning Tour was a valuable use of their time, providing a multitude of insights into what education looks like today.

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