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Defining Student Engagement at UCAP

Jaretta Konneh

Jan 17, 2024

UCAP Teachers' Journey in Cultivating a Shared Understanding and Practical Indicators for Classroom Success

UCAP teachers participated in a professional development session titled "Cognitive Demand: Engaging with Objectives and Essential Questions." As a part of this session, they collaboratively worked on a Y-chart to delineate what student engagement looks like, sounds like, and feels like in the classroom. The objective behind this activity was to ensure alignment and cultivate a shared comprehension of how engagement is realized in classroom instruction. The chart showcased key indicators of student engagement, such as students remaining in groups, actively discussing topics, and maintaining eye contact with the speaker. Noteworthy elements of the chart included descriptors like "Connected," "Represented," and "Safe to share." Student engagement is paramount as it not only fosters a conducive learning environment but also enhances the depth and retention of understanding. Engaged students are more likely than disengaged ones to develop critical thinking skills, demonstrate active participation, and achieve academic success.

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