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Enhancing Student Voice at PCTA

Jaretta Konneh

Nov 7, 2023

Empowering students to express themselves is pivotal to effective learning and personal growth. At a recent professional learning session held at PCTA, educators delved into research and best practices to boost student learning through authentic discourse. This goal aligns with Providence Public School's instructional priority #3,  by facilitating speaking and writing opportunities, a priority that centers on students actively communicating their understanding of grade-level content. In the session, NEB Professional Learning Specialist, Stephanie Dinnen, introduced various student voice strategies that educators can incorporate into their classrooms. One notable strategy was the "30 Second Talk About." This tool is ideal for activating students' prior knowledge or helping them synthesize new information. In the photo, Jerome Malinge (carpentry instructor) and Manuel Loureiro Jr (automotive instructor) practice the strategy, emphasizing its hands-on approach. Such role-playing ensures that educators can effectively implement these tools in real classrooms. As education evolves, it's heartening to see active participation and empowerment taking center stage in student learning.

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