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Student panel participants will appear in a one-way Zoom “live forum” meeting. Audience members will not have access to the chat, and will not be able to speak to panel participants. Student panel members will engage with pre-selected educators and parents in discussions around LGBTQ+ issues in education, including but not limited to: GSA clubs and affinity groups, curriculum, and bullying/harassment. New England Basecamp will make every effort to ensure that the panel is safe, age appropriate, and welcoming to all participants. If your school elects to have students under 18 watch the panel, please understand that the school may be responsible for obtaining permission from guardians. 


Any views or opinions expressed during the workshops are solely those of the workshop participants, and do not represent New England Basecamp unless explicitly stated. Additionally, the school agrees that their participation in NEB’s Pride Month forum is voluntary. Furthermore, the school agrees to assume any risk associated with participating in the event, and releases New England Basecamp from any and all claims of loss or damage that may arise during participation. Such releases are without limitation and include attorneys’ fees, psychological harm and any other losses or damages suffered by participants from the school. 

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